Toronto, Canada native Vegas is no stranger to the dedication required to break through in pop music today - With his upcoming sophomore release 'Whoever You Are' and various pending releases with DJs / Producers the world over, Vegas is poised to do just that.

Vegas (David Arkwright) found a resonance, and hope, in crafting an uplifting pop hook before he was even a teenager. "I had an obsession with big pop hits before I even began to write, before I really knew what music was to me. Songs like 'Let it be' (The Beatles), 'Dancing in the dark' (Bruce Springsteen), 'Free Fallin' (Tom Petty) really impacted me, perhaps, in ways I didn't even take stock of at the time

After a brief stint at Humber College for Jazz Percussion / Performance, David realised that he was truly passionate about songwriting: "Sometime, when I was around 17 or 18, I finally decided to learn my way around the piano and began singing - I was convinced up until that point that I didn't have the skill for either! By the time I was halfway through my first semester of College, it dawned on me that as much as I loved playing the drums, that I took so much more from writing a song." David spent several years performing and writing in the Canadian rock group 'Trainlight' but still felt he hadn't truly embraced his identity as a writer. When the band finished up in mid 2010, David set out to discover what he would eventually call Vegas. "I knew I wanted to write pop music, I loved every bit of it - but that's a broad thing to start with. The Electronic Music scene was booming, and that was a space I wanted to get more familiar with. So with a laptop, in the basement of an old town house outside of Toronto, I started writing and producing."

David spent the next 3 years working with Michael Wise (Alyssa Reid, U.S.S, The Midway State) on his debut self titled E.P released in January 2013, "most of that time I was writing by myself, in my bedroom. At first it was about discovering what I wanted Vegas to be - after a while, it was about cutting it down to the best songs." David began to branch out and work with other writers and producers during 2012. It was also during this time that he co-formed the YouTube cover duo 'Virginia To Vegas', with friend Derik Baker: "Derik came to me with the idea of forming 'Virginia To Vegas' Initially it was created as a platform to help launch our mutual music careers - as time went on and I felt I was moving further from my goals in Vegas as a solo artist, I opted to take a step back." David continued to write and produce with Virginia To Vegas through 2013, "Derik is killing it right now - 'We Are Stars' is probably the biggest record on the radio right now, and I couldn't be happier! We all have to follow the path that’s right for us - for all the support I can possibly give Virginia To Vegas, I had to find my own way, and ultimately, so did he."

Sparring absolutely no opportunity David has also started to make serious waves within the 'Electronic Dance Music' (EDM) community, as Vegas is rapidly becoming a household name. In 2014 alone Vegas is already set to release 4 tracks with EDM staple label Armada Music, "While I can't talk about what's to come - I can promise this is a place I love working in. EDM is where I have the most fun, and I promise there are some very big releases this year." Vegas has already featured with 'Jake Shanahan', 'OutOfSync', 'Carl Nunes', 'Klauss Goulart', with many more on the horizon.

With 2014 already off to a strong start, David is gearing up for the second Vegas single 'Whoever You Are' co-produced with Los Angeles EDM producer Nick Sarazen. 'Whoever You Are' is a massive Disco-Dance track that somehow bridges the spirit of the 1970's, while still supporting Vegas' powerful vocal hooks. "I loved this track the moment Nick sent it to me, the idea just poured out and all the pieces seemed to fit exactly where they should. Nick is a rising star and is sure to capture a lot of attention with his own releases"

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